Costa Rica

10 Ways to Preserve Our Planet

Costa Rica sustainability Nicole Menayo's hand

The Earth is being overrun by plastic; here's a SUPRAChallenge: 10 ways you can help preserve our planet

Through this sustainablity SUPRA-Challenge, I really hope you get inspired to do what you can to help save the planet.

I tried doing this in the most dynamic way possible, however, sometimes is not always about fun; I hope you start using less plastic!

I’m doing this as Supra-Challenge because as a Costa Rican woman, I am exceptionally aware of the environment and our need to do our part in saving the planet. 

Also, part of the preparation for Miss Supranational meant getting involved with real issues and trying to impact the world in a positive way; not everything is about physical beauty, its also about acting for benefit of ourselves and others!

Anyway, enjoy and please do share so that you can motivate yourself and others!

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