Beauty Pageants

After winning the Miss Mesoamerica beauty pageant, Nicole went on to compete in grand slam contests around the world, taking the 2018 crown as Miss Grand Madrid.

In 2015 one of Nicole Menayo’s modeling peers entered into the Miss Costa Rica pageant and encouraged her to do the same. She decided to give it a shot.

What was to follow was a whirlwind of exciting contests, world travel, and Beauty Queen crowns. 

From 2015 through 2018, Nicole would go on to win a series of crowns and place in the top 20 or top 10 in other contests:

  • Miss Grand Costa Rica (top 20)  2018
  • Miss grand Madrid (winner) 2018
  • Miss Supranational top 10 and winner for America 2016
  • Miss Mesoamerica International 2016
  • Miss cultura y paz (awarded Miss Simpathy ) 2015

Of her work, her goals, her heritage, and involvement in the pageant scene, Nicole says: 

As a young girl I wrote in my yearbook that I wanted to be a model as a grown up,; my parents laughed indulgently and said, “oh, how cute!”

But, my soul was determined.

The first job I got laid off from handed me a severance payment. I add that to some savings, and agains’t parents advice to buy a car, I went to my first beauty pageant.

I didn’t win… but I was focused and inside I knew success wasn’t meant to happen easily… I decided to enter Miss Supranational, but before did that I wanted to get some experience under my belt.  

I went to El Salvador and, holding hands with the beautiful Gene Fuentes (Miss Miss Grand International El Salvador 2018) the crown came to Costa Rica in a XXV anniversary, I then knew I had everything in my will to pursue dreams and accomplish what I wanted to do.

Today I have been prepared by the top runway teacher in the world of beauty pageants, Gissele Reyes. I did the best audiovisual productions a contestant in the history of my nation has ever made and that I have seen so far.

I’ve been fortunate to work with designers who have dressed Miss Universe. 

I want to unite human rights and beauty so that ambassadors of beauty are about INTEGRITY and not just photoshop and fake proportions; I want to promote healthy, happy, noble values.

I am both Costa Rican and Spanish, but I am especially proud of my Costa Rican heritage because our culture represents real peace. With no military and a drive to become the first carbon free country in the world by 2021, Costa Rica- small as it is- is a giant when it comes to global healing.